2014 Summer Trend; Gold Temporary Tattoos

Girls have already got accessories and jewelry for this summer but if you want to shock everyone and keep all eyes on you there is an idea. Have you ever seen temporary tattoo made of pure gold? Precious Skin label offers 24-carat gold or platinum temporary tattoos.


Actually gold temporary tattoos are not an innovation. So called lt-girls and those who can afford thousand dollar accessory love such unique tattoos. Now and then we could see them with gold tattoos but this season they have got special popularity thanks to collection of Dior Grand Ball Golden Tattoos. This limited edition of temporary tattoo “stickers” are made of 24-carat gold leafing. Collection includes bracelets, rings, necklaces and cuffs. Dior offers new way of wearing gold. Jewelry is in the past, this is new era of new accessories.

Depending on the style of tattoo the price ranges from $50 up to $6.000. As this type of tattoo has mostly the function of accessory pictures are more feminine like butterflies, bracelets and rings. They are mostly printed on wrist, fingers and shoulders.

Gold tattoo will be a perfect accessory for wedding in case you want to make something different and mind blowing. The only disadvantage of unique gold temporary tattoo is that it will last no longer than a week. Well, if you can afford such luxury it will not be so essential for you.








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