Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossom tattoo is one of the cutest designs among large tattoos. It is supposed that huge tattoo is bold and daring but just take a look at those cherry blossom tattoos. Aren’t they amazing? Besides of being so popular and beautiful cherry blossom tattoo has very special meaning. If you have decided to get cherry blossom tattoo you should first find out what it means and which the best parts for tattoo are.

cherry blossom on rib

Cherry blossom symbolizes beauty and sensuality but it is also has very deep meaning. In Japanese symbolism sakura (cherry blossom) is a symbol of life. Blossoms last too short; cherry blossom tattoo will mean transiency. Women get cherry blossom tattoo to honor lost love but tattoo doesn’t have negative meaning. In Chinese symbolism cherry blossom is a symbol of woman’s sexuality and dominance. 

cherry blossom on foot

Cherry blossom tattoo is mostly colorful with pink or red flowers. Surely there are examples of completely black cherry blossom tattoos that will be suitable for the lovers of one tone tattoos.

Similar large tattoos are really eye catching so there is no need to place them on visible parts of body. Cherry blossom tattoo is more often placed on rib that reaches up to thigh and lower part of stomach. This is a huge work; you can get it step by step.

Cherry blossom and other flower tattoos look smashing on shoulder, neck, arm and foot but in this case flowers should be tiny. Tiny red flowers will surely attract attention.

black cherry blossom

tattoo on foot




cherry blossom




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