Amazing Lily Tattoo Ideas

Delicate lily tattoo makes woman’s body so feminine and seductive. Gentle colors of flower will highlight woman’s natural beauty in the best way without looking too dramatic or eye catching. The following ideas of amazing lily tattoos will help you to find the most suitable one for you. Moreover, we will try to get back to the story of lily and mythology about lilies.

liliy tattoo

According to Greek mythology white lily was created from the breast milk of Hera that’s why the flower symbolizes fertility, birth, purity, innocence and motherhood. As you see those are features perfectly suitable for women and lily tattoo is A one you need. 

Christians also chose lily as a symbol of purity and motherhood. White lily was associated with Virgin Mary. Each petal of lily had its meaning; charity, faith and hope.

black lily

Here is another interesting interpretation and story of lily. Lily was pictured on the emblem of France in middle Ages. This has a very long story but we will skip it and go back to lily tattoos.

Well in terms of symbolism and meaning lily has no equal one (for women of course) and it will surely make you feel special about your tattoo.

More often lily is pictured in pale pink color with shades of white and brown but if you are the lover of darker tones you can surely get black lily. Flowers will look fantastic on spine, rib, shoulder and thigh. Large lily tattoo is the best one to decorate your body so do not be afraid of tattoo’s sizes.

lily tattoo on shoulder


lily on shoulder

lily tattoo



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