Animal Tattoos

There are zillion examples of unique animal tattoos in the collection of 2014 tattoo trends and they are very popular among the lovers of this type of body art. As it is simply impossible to mention all available animal tattoos so we will talk about most frequently chosen ones.


More often people choose beloved pat’s picture as a tattoo and it is very personal and special moment to have it. Tattoo of dog or a cat will look beautiful on a shoulder, arm or thigh.

Modern styles of tattoos are more complex that combine animal picture with other designs. Every animal has special meaning and you should know exactly what your chosen animal tattoo means.


2014 collection of animal tattoos include numerous styles of birds. Women do love birds; they symbolize freedom. Everyone wants to fly and why not to have such symbol? For girls tiny bird tattoo on wrist, arm and nape are very popular and look very hot. Owl is next popular style of bird tattoo that is chosen by girls and boys.



Tattoos of insects have strong power. They are more dramatic, daring and have very special meaning. Not everyone dares to wear tattoo if a spider or a bat but such design of tattoo definitely gets more attention than any cute tattoo.





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