Compass Tattoo Designs

Tattoo is a unique way of self-expression. At least this was the function of tattoo for a very long time. Today some may have forgotten this fact and choose tattoo only¬†in a promiscuous manner. Let’s hope that you are a real lover of unique tattoos with meaning because now we are going to talk about compass tattoo that is one of the most meaningful and unique tattoos from 2014 tattoo trends.


Compass itself has very special meaning. It shows right way to lost. Tattoo of compass has the same meaning. Spanish conquistador where the first who got compass tattoos; today it is one of the most frequently chosen tattoos like anchor, dreamcatcher, clock and etc.

It is believed that compass tattoo protects the wearer and guides him. It can be understood directly or in metaphor. Actually, it is not so important. The fact is that compass tattoo will surely protect you (and it is not superstition). More often compass is pictured with North Star that symbolizes right direction.


Compass tattoo can be placed on any part of body. Women more often get compass on the back. If it is small one it can be placed on wrist or foot. In more complicated styles compass is pictured with sun, globe, owl, clock and etc.

compass on foot

Compass tattoo looks equally stunning when done in black or bright colors. The difference is that colorful tattoo will look more eye catching and bold.

If you want to get compass tattoo that is less visible you can place it on rib or thigh. Still the lovers of tattoo do want to show off such piece of art and place compass tattoo on shoulder, wrist and nape.








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