Crazzy Tattoos on Face

Getting tattoo is a serious and daring decision. Properly chosen tattoo can tell much about the owner. Your body is a canvas for tattoo artist who can create a real art.

True lovers of tattoo get more than single tattoo. There is a belief that once you have got a tattoo you will never stop and that’s why we have stopped stared at people with completely tattooed body.

Zombie-Boy face tattoo

Getting tattoo on arms, shoulders, back, feet and stomach is common even tattoos on inner part of lip are common but what do you think about tattoo on face? Tattoo on face is the most eye catching and visible one. Tattoo on face can radically change your life (more often to the worst) and that’s why it is not so popular like other types of tattoos. Still I think that we should consider those crazy tattoos on face and maybe we will find out the reasons why people do such crazy things.


One of the most popular facial tattoos that you can find now is Zombi boy’s tattoo. Actually I can hardly say exact number of his tattoos but he is tattooed from head to toe. Getting similar tattoo will mean new life with new face.


Of course you can get something smaller but again it will look bold. Less dramatic style of facial tattoo is stars that will be suitable for girls. As it is a serious step you should think twice before getting regular tattoo. It will be better if you get temporary tattoo and see if you will feel comfortable with tattoo on face.


tribal tattoo on face

star tattoos on face


star tattoo

crazy tattoo

face tattoo




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