Creative Portrait Tattoos

Portrait tattoo is not an innovation in tattooing yet in recent years it has got totally new approach. For portrait tattoos particular personalities like pop or rock star, an actor or actress was chosen, . 

For portrait tattoos people also chose pictures of relatives or beloved. But such style is very individual so let’s leave it and talk about newest trends of portrait tattoos.


If you are a true fan of a celebrity and you want to have him or her “by your side” all day long you should definitely get tattooed celebrity’s portrait. You can get it on a chest, shoulder, leg or back. Actually there are no particular rules about portrait tattoos.


New styles of portrait tattoos are very creative; they are more gothic with dramatic details like creative skull, beautiful girl with bloody motifs and etc. There are so many variations of portrait tattoos that sticking to simple portrait is wrong. You can get complex design with three and more colors. Surely it means the size of tattoo should be bigger so that the portrait will look better.


Women are more often pictured on tattoos. They look more attractive and sexy and there are more possibilities to create something really special with woman’s portrait. As this type of tattoo is complicated you should find skilled tattoo artist who already has portrait tattoos in his portfolio.





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