Cutest Bird Tattoos

Bird tattoo will make you feel free. Is there anyone who has never dreamt of flying? Alas we don’t have wings and we cannot fly like birds but we can still have a particle of their freedom. Check out several examples of the cutest bird tattoos that will be suitable for girls.

bird tattoo

Besides of being very popular and trendy bird tattoo has very special meaning which makes it even more popular and desired. As birds are considered the closest creatures to divine they symbolize purity and everything that is connected with divinity.

Short trip through the pages of mythology. In almost all tales birds have special role both positive and negative that’s why their roles are more often introduced with tattoos. More often in bird tattoos there are represented two and more tiny birds. Such composition looks very beautiful on any part of body. This is the collection of most frequently seen bird tattoos for girls.

bird tattoos

The most popular style is tiny bird tattoo on wrist. This type of tattoo looks more like an accessory and will definitely attracts attention. More elegant style of tattoo is bird behind the ear. If you want to have less visible and eye catching tattoo you should definitely choose tattoo design behind ear.


Next trendy style of bird tattoo is tiny birds on collarbone or shoulder. More often birds are combined with dandelion, feather, stars or quote. For such design of tattoo black is more suitable.

If you have chosen more realistic design of bird tattoo it should definitely be colorful. Moreover, here comes a question; which bird do you want to have? It can be an eagle, peacock, phoenix, hummingbird or sparrow. Each one has its special meaning.




tattoo behind ear

bird on wrist

bird-tattoo on back

bird tattoo on stomach

bird tattoo on sollarbone


Bird Tattoos

cool tattoos


birds-tattoo on neck



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