Emo Tattoo Trends 2014

Emo girls do love crazy things like funky hairstyle, vibrant hair color, dark makeup or massive accessories but recently the most popular emo “accessory” trend has become a tattoo. Creative and cool tattoo can highlight individuality but as emos have special mission emo tattoos slightly differ. Here are the most popular emo tattoo designs taken from 2014 trends.

star tattoos

Emo means emotional and that’s why every detail in emo girl’s image should emphasize personality. Emo tattoos should be melancholic symbolizing their attitude towards world and reality. The most popular emo tattoos are hearts, stars, skulls, bows and teardrops but it doesn’t mean that there are any particular rules and limits about emo tattoos. You can get anything you want that will help you for self-expression.

Star tattoos are the first trend that is popular among emo boys and girls. Star tattoos behind ear look very cute and they are less visible. Bolder styles are star tattoos on belly.

Star-tattoos on stomach

Heart tattoo is next popular style for emo girls. This is may be the most emotional design of tattoo especially if it is completed with skull, teardrops or bow. Surely heart tattoo is made in red but if you do not like colorful tattoo you can keep to regular black one. Heart tattoos on wrist are more common but you can also have heart tattoo on neck, shoulder or tummy.


Bow tattoo looks very cute and adorable. Bow tattoos are included in 2014 tattoo trends and there are numerous designs of bows and ribbon bows that you will surely like. Emo girls often choose pink bows on nape, feet and tiny bows behind ear. New styles are bow tattoos on finger and wrist that have function of accessory.

emo bow tattoo


bow tattoos on legs



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