Finger Tattoo Ideas

Finger tattoos are very popular today. Tiny tattoo looks very cute and adorable. Moreover it is may be the best choice for those who want to get tattoo but stay away from dramatic and eye catching huge tattoos. 2014 tattoo trends include infinite designs of finger tattoos, you can also create your design but for the beginning you can get some inspiration from these finger tattoo ideas and find out what they mean.

finger tattoo

As there is not much space tattoo should be small. You can get anything you want for finger tattoo but the below shown examples are the most frequently chosen ones. Let’s begin with words.

Power words and quote tattoos are the best to emphasize your individuality. Words are more popular for finger tattoo. For tattoos girls choose “Love”, “Believe”, “Promise”, “Hope”, “Faith” and other power words that will always make you feel special looking at it.

finger tattoo

Names are also very popular for finger tattoo. More often couples choose finger tattoos and get their names as the reminder of their great love. Name can be tattooed on inner part of finger to be less eye catching.

Another trend of finger tattoo is ring finger tattoo that is popular among couples. The style of tattoo can be creative tattooed ring, names as well as a date.

There is superstition that tattooed ring brings bad luck but millions of couples get ring finger tattoo. Besides of being stylish ring finger tattoo is very options. After all, you will never lose your wedding ring.


Besides of words and ring tattoos there are many other beautiful designs for finger tattoo like cute tiny bow, star, butterfly, bird, arrow, heart and so on. You will surely find the hottest tattoo for you.





ring finger tattoos




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