Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas

Hello Kitty stopped being just a label. You can see this pretty little kitty everywhere be it clothing, accessories, jewelry and now even tattoos. The popularity of Hello Kitty tattoos is increasing day by day and that’s why it will be wise to check out the latest Hello Kitty tattoo ideas.


Classy Hello Kitty tattoo is tiny kitten with adorable pink bow. Hello Kitty tattoo is more often chosen by emo girls who love such adorable accessories. Indeed, kitten tattoo can be the best accessory if done in a visible part of body.


The best place to get cute Hello Kitty tattoo is finger. You can choose either inner or upper part of finger. In both cases your tattoo will look fantastic.

Hello Kitty tattoo on wrist is another popular design frequently chosen by girls. More often tiny tattoo is done on inner part of wrist; Hello Kitty on wrist will be perfect choice for matching tattoo.


Tattoos on neck are amazing; tiny neck tattoo will look beautiful and less dramatic. This is great for those who want to have a tattoo still are afraid of getting bold tattoo. Hello Kitty tattoo on neck can be easily hidden with long hair so you will not have to think about inconvenience.



Besides of traditional Hello Kitty image 2014 tattoo trends include more complex designs where Hello Kitty is represented in different images or completed with details like flowers, stars and hearts.







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