Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Koi fish is another popular Japanese symbol that is very frequently chosen for tattoos. There are zillion variations of Koi fish tattoos included in 2014 tattoo trends and as the one full of mystic meanings this symbol will be a perfect choice for your tattoo.


Just like common fish tattoo Koi fish tattoo means fortune and good luck. Koi fish symbolizes strength of the wearer. Koi fish is pictured in different colors and every shade has its meaning.

Red Koi fish symbolizes love and energy. It is may be the most popular type of Koi fish tattoo and it is said that red Koi fish tattoo will give power to the wearer.


Black Koi fish tattoo symbolizes changes and success that sometimes are reached with great difficulty. Facing challenges and the ability to stay strong is the greatest power.

Blue Koi fish is a symbol of masculinity and reproduction. It is more often pictured swimming upwards.

Yellow dragon Koi fish is a symbol of overcoming obstacles. Again yellow dragon koi means strength and new beginning.


Another popular design of koi fish is yin yang koi fish tattoo in black and white. Besides of having the meaning of Pisces zodiac sign yin yang koi means connection of two contradicting forces that are in harmony.


Just like koi climbs the waterfall the wearer of Koi fish tattoo gets through obstacles and difficulties in spite of anything.

Koi fish tattoo looks really impressive as it is massive and colorful. More often it is pictured on back or shoulder with waves or lotus.


koi fish





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