Lock & Key Tattoo Ideas

Lock and key tattoos are the most beautiful tattoos with meaning suitable for couples. Lock and key has very long and interesting story so if you have decided to get such a unique tattoo you should know its meaning.


Lock and key are used to keep something hidden and secret. The meaning of lock and key tattoo is almost the same. Besides of direct meaning lock and key are represented with metaphorical meaning; lock symbolizes woman, while key is a symbol of man. Lock and key when matching each other is interpreted as a perfect couple that can do magic.

key and lock tattoo

Lock and key consists of two different pictures; therefore it can be placed on different parts of body for maximum impact. For instance you can get lock on one thigh and key on the other. More popular design is lock and key tattoo on wrists.


More complex style of tattoo pictures lock and key together with other details like heart, skull, flower (mainly rose as a symbol of love) and etc. Quotes and power words are also pictured together with lock and key.

As I have said before lock and key tattoo is very popular among couples. Moreover, it has very special meaning when girl gets lock and boy gets key tattoo. More often tattoos are placed on wrist and shoulder.



lock and key tattoo




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