Most Painful Parts of Body for Tattoo

Tattoo is a real art; tattooed body looks more attractive and sexy but it costs a lot. I am not talking about money (tattoo do costs a lot, especially when done by real professional), I would like to talk about risks and pain that you will have while getting your tattoo.


Size of tattoo surely has importance but body part is the factor that you should know before getting tattoo. Different body parts have different thickness of skin; therefore, you will have different degree of pain. Here are the most painful parts of body that you should know before thinking of tattoo.

One of the most painful parts for tattoo is area behind your ear. Though tiny tattoos behind ear are very popular it will cost you a lot of pain in case you have decided to get one.

tattoo on spine

Next painful area is spine. You should remember one thing; the area where the skin in thin on bone is the most painful one. Just like area behind ear getting tattoo on spine will also be painful. Still impressive tattoo along the spine definitely worths the pain.


Another zone that will never make you forget the pain of getting tattoo is ankle. On the other hand pain will not last long because tattoos on ankle are mostly tiny ones. If you have chosen huge tattoo along the leg and foot you should be ready for painful procedure or you can get special injection to relief the pain.

tattoo on elbow

Elbow is not a popular part of body for tattoo still boys choose massive tattoos for elbow. Again as the skin is thin on bone pain will be terrible. To ease the process for both you and tattoo artist you should definitely get injection.

Upper part of rib is last area that is painful for getting tattooed. Still tattoos on rib are the most popular and even the highest level of pain can keep back of getting smashing tattoo on rib.

rib tattoos for girls






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