New Lotus Tattoo Ideas

Lotus tattoo just like other flower tattoo designs are very popular among girls. Highlighting femininity and elegance flower tattoo will look very cute and delicate. This is important for those who are scared of getting regular tattoo in terms of career. Both small and large flower tattoo designs are trendy; you can make it less visible or choose body part where you can show off your luxurious tattoo and gain a lot of admiration.


Let’s get back to lotus tattoo ideas and, what is more interesting, lotus tattoo meaning and history. Lotus is seen in many cultures and it has different meanings. In Buddhism lotus symbolizes fertility and purification. It means struggle and changes for better. The one who gets lotus wants to show that he has overcome difficulties and still survived and moves on. 

Koi fish tattoo has the same meaning and that’s why lotus is so often pictured with koi fish. Such composition will have great impact and you will always have a story to tell about your tattoo.


Just like other flower tattoos lotus tattoo will look adorable on any part of body. Women more often get flower tattoo on neck, spine, rib or thigh. Surely you can get your lotus tattoo anywhere you want; you can also get some inspiration from those examples but remember that tattoo should highlight your individuality so try to be careful when choosing the one.


lotus on spine

lotus on shoulder

lotus on rib






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