New Sun Tattoo Ideas

Mystical symbols like stars, moon and sun are very frequently chosen for tattoo designs. Women find something mysterious about getting such symbols and that’s why all of them are included in 2014 tattoo trends. We will surely consider them all but at this time I want to show you several amazing examples of new sun tattoos for women.

sun tattoo

Sun is the symbol that was worshiped in many cultures and that’s why it has many interpretations. It is the symbol of life and never-ending energy and tattoo has the same meaning.

In some cultures sun is interpreted as a guardian. Just like the sun has numerous meaning and interpretations, it has numerous designs. I mean in different cultures sun was represented in different ways.


In Christian sun symbolizes power, birth and rebirth. Moreover, the sun is more often interpreted as Jesus Christ himself. Well, is there any other symbol that has such strong meaning and power? Of course, sun tattoo is a real power.


Because of so many meanings and cultural differences there are zillion styles of sun tattoos like the one with tribal motifs, realistic sun or the flower style. Which one to choose is up to you but choose carefully and try to find the one that will reflect your inner world and the one that will make you feel stronger.

Sun tattoo will look gorgeous on wrist, neck, shoulder and spine. But, of course you can get it anywhere you want because you are free to act when it comes to tattoo.

Sun Tattoo on Woman's Neck

tribal sun tattoo back

sun/eye tattoo

sun tattoos






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