Orchid Tattoo Ideas

Orchid as one of the rarest and the most beautiful flower is a perfect motif for woman’s tattoo. All flowers make woman’s body more seductive and feminine but orchid is highlighted from all available flowers.


Orchid has different meanings in different cultures so if you have decided to get one of those beautiful orchid tattoos you need to know what it symbolizes and where it will look best.

Orchid is a symbol of sex (different sorts of orchid symbolize male and female genitals). The wearer should know this information in case if asked provocative question.


Orchid has over 25000 species and that’s why Greeks call it flower of magnificence. Aztecs used to make potions from orchid for strength and potency.

Orchid symbolizes fertility, potency, delicacy, elegance and femininity. Orchid tattoo is perfect for a woman who wants to emphasize her beauty and sexuality.


Thanks to variety of orchids and wide palette you will be offered zillion variations of orchid tattoo. Of course you will get confused in such variety but if you know exactly what you want you will succeed to find the best one.

First thing to determine for you is body part for orchid tattoo. Massive orchid tattoo will look smashing on spine, rib, thigh and stomach. For large tattoo you’d better choose colorful tattoo that contains two and more shades for greater impact.

At last, no matter you choose colorful or black orchid, small or large tattoo your orchid will make you feel really blessed.





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