Pisces Tattoo Ideas

Those who are born between February 20 and March 20 belong to Pisces zodiac sign; they are devoted, kind and compassionate and if you belong to this zodiac sign you just ought to have Pisces tattoo on your body.


Just like Gemini tattoo designs for Pisces zodiac sign there are more alternatives that can symbolize Pisces. Those are only several examples of the most popular zodiac tattoos but you can surely find infinite ideas if needed.

First Pisces tattoo that I want to show you is traditional zodiac sign. Just like any other zodiac sign this can be a perfect choice for a small tattoo and will look beautiful on wrist, behind ear and nape.


Pair of fish tattoo is may be the most popular choice for Pisces. As a rule koi fish is chosen for tattoo as it has strong meaning and looks really cool. Do not be afraid of choosing large koi fish tattoo in bright colors like orange, red, blue and green. Such impressive large tattoo will look perfect on back.

More feminine type of Pisces tattoo is pair of mermaids that again symbolize Pisces. For less dramatic look you can choose tiny gold fish that will be your secret amulet. You can hide it behind ear, on rib or foot.


If you are the lover of tribal tattoos you can find tribal fish tattoo that will become a perfect alternative for Pisces zodiac sign. Both large and small tribal fish tattoos look beautiful but keep in mind that tribal tattoo is made in black and it will attract much attention.






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