Scorpio Tattoo Ideas

Those who are born between October 24 and November 22 belong to Scorpio zodiac sign that is ruled by Pluto and Mars planets. Scorpions are passionate and loyal, independent and always try to fulfil the goals. Scorpio tattoo designs are as passionate and bold as zodiac sign itself. Here are some of them.

Zodiac tattoo designs will always be trendy and actual because there will always be tattoo lovers who would like to have their zodiac sign tattooed. Saying that one or another zodiac tattoo is more popular is an absurd. At this time we will consider Scorpio tattoo ideas.

scorpion tattoo

Tattoos of insects are very impressive especially huge scorpion on back. Surely such large tattoo will be more suitable for boys but girls also get scorpion tattoo.

In order not to get tired of tattoo you can choose smaller one; small tattoo can be easily transformed into more complicated tattoo but for the beginning take the things slower. Small scorpion tattoo will look cute behind ear, on foot and wrist.

scorpion tattoo

3D scorpion tattoos are of great popularity today. 3D scorpion tattoo looks maximum realistic and it is very scary. Sure it has greatest impact but getting used to have a scorpion looking so alive is a bit tough.

Besides of scorpion tattoos Scorpio zodiac sign tattoos are also of great popularity. Such design is a great choice for those you want to have small tattoo with meaning. Zodiac sign tattoo is made in black but surely it can be completed with details like colorful flowers and stars.

scorpion tattoo


scorpion tattoo




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