Temporary and Henna Tattoos

Body art is one of the most popular ways of self-expression. Millions of boys and girls get tattoos and getting first tattoo becomes the beginning of tattoo fever. Alas, not everyone can get regular tattoo but temptation is strong. I am sure that you have heard of temporary tattoos but if you still doubt whether it is still worth to get temporary tattoo or not, here are some ideas of henna and temporary tattoos.


The best thing about temporary tattoo is surely the possibility to get desired style without any risk and pain. Temporary tattoo is almost identical to regular tattoo but it will not last long. There are several types of temporary tattoos and henna tattoo is may the best one from all available techniques.


Kids love stick-ons and have so much fun getting “tattooed”. There are also stick-ons for adults that look pretty much like a regular tattoo and can be applied to any part of the body. This is may be the safest type of body art and can be done without any special skills.


Airbrush Tattoo

Airbrush tattoo is more professional design of temporary tattoo created only by tattoo artist. They are mostly created for special occasions like fashion shows. Sometimes brides get airbrush tattoo in light tones or glitter ones to decorate body and make wedding dress more complete. Airbrush tattoo lasts about 4 days.


Henna Tattoo

Temporary tattoo made of henna is may be the most luxurious and feminine style to decorate body. This type lasts longer than any other temporary tattoo. Do you know history of henna tattoo? It is indispensable part of Indian weddings. Bride gets henna tattoo on hands and feet before the wedding; the process as well as prints are so fabulous.





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