Unimaginable Tongue Tattoo Ideas

We live in the era of crazy things and we have already got used to extraordinary and mind blowing images. One of such extraordinary things is tongue tattoo. Though it looks crazy and mind blowing it is very popular today. I cannot say why people go for such crazy things like tattoo or piercing on the most weird parts of body but they should be definitely considered (just for the chronicle).


Though tongue tattoo is a really crazy one it is not so visible like other designs. I am talking about tiny pictures but there are also color tattoos that will definitely attract attention. For extra impact people choose dark colors like blue, dark red or even black. Can you imagine that?

There isn’t any particular design that is popular for tongue; you can choose star, skull, flower, butterfly, power word, pattern or a bigger pictures covering the whole tongue.

tongue tattoo

It is very difficult to get a tattoo on tongue not only in terms of pain but also in terms of ink sustainability. For perfect result you will have to go for touch ups to enhance the color of tattoo.

Some think that getting tattoo on tongue is the most painful process. Still, it is as painful as getting tattoo on any other part of body. It is more about inconvenience of tattooing than pain; you will have to keep tongue out while getting tattoo.







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