Unique Angel Tattoo Ideas

Angel and other tattoos with Christian motifs are very popular today. Angel tattoos are mostly large ones so if you are looking for really cool and eye catching you can find something in this gallery of unique angel tattoos.


Angel tattoo surely has meaning. It symbolizes your beliefs and your connection to God but, alas, not everyone thinks of meaning when getting angel tattoo. Let’s hope that after getting angel tattoo those who have never thought of God will feel something special.

Angel tattoo is suitable for both boys and girls. Surely girls should think of more feminine styles of angel tattoos and body parts to be tattooed. For instance tiny angel will look so cute behind ear or on neck. Still such design is not compatible with those huge angel tattoos on back.


Such big tattoo is quite complicated design and only professional tattoo artist can get flawless tattoo. The most popular design is female angel tattoo with huge wings. For angel tattoo black color is best, still there are examples of compositions where angels are shown with hearts and such tattoos are colorful.


Angel wings tattoo is next popular trend that has totally different meaning and purpose. Women or men who get angel wings turn themselves into an angel (surely in metaphorical meaning). If you have made up your mind to get angel wings you will have two options; you can either get small angel wings on the upper part of back or shoulders or choose something more daring that is spread all over back.




angel wings



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