Unique Star Tattoos

Modern styles of tattoo can be smashing accessory for a girl. The versatility of tattoos will help you to find desired style but you can surely create your own design with the help of professional tattoo artist. Those who already have tattoos surely know how to choose it; first of all it should reflect your personality. Choose the one with particular meaning that will remind you of something or make you feel really special. As there are zillion designs of tattoos let’s talk about unique star tattoos for now.


Star tattoos are very popular among girls because they look very cute and feminine especially those tiny stars. Star tattoos are mostly popular among teen girls but you should know that there are no limits when it comes to tattoo. 

If you have already decided to get star tattoo next step should do is to decide where you want to have it. For something less dramatic and eye catching you can get tiny star tattoo behind ear. Tattoos behind ear are very popular because they look not so provocative still they are statement accessories.


Another beautiful style is star tattoo on finger or wrist. This is more feminine design but make sure you will not get bored of your tattoo. Again stars should be tiny.

What about star tattoo on the nape? I am sure that you love Rihanna’s star tattoo and may be you will decide to copy it.

For bolder look there are numerous examples of star tattoos on rib, tummy, shoulder and leg. Those designs are colorful and more often combined with other designs like butterfly.

Star Foot Tattoos-A One Most Popular Foot Tattoo Design






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