Women Best Body Parts for Tattoo

Girls look so sexy and hot with tattoo and that’s why tattoos are getting more and more popular. Both huge and tiny tattoos will look smashing on woman’s body but there are several body parts are the hottest that will make a style statement. Here are top 5 women best body parts for tattoos, look at them carefully, choose what you like most and get your sexy body tattooed.


Tattoo can make body sexier and hotter so when choosing tattoo design be very attentive and think over thousand times before getting permanent tattoo.

Tattoos on back

Back and mid back is perfect choice for women to highlight feminine curves. Black tattoo and even colorful large tattoo will look smashing with suitable clothing. For back and mid back you can choose any kind of tattoo from feather, animal, flower, butterfly, star tattoo or even composition.


Tattoos on Thigh

Thigh is another sexy part to be highlighted with tattoo. The lovers of short dresses and skirts would love to have something special on thigh. For provocative look tattoo artist will offer sexy lace ribbon with bow or gun. For more unique tattoo you can get large one like a dragon, cherry blossoms and etc.

tattoo on rib

tattoo on rib


tattoo on thigh

Tattoos on Stomach

Women with perfect body can make it even more accentuated with tattoo on stomach and rib. Large picture can be tattooed on rib and continued up to stomach. Still there is one thing to keep about tattoo on stomach. You can gain weight, and your tattoo can be transformed so you can either avoid tattoo on stomach or try to keep your body in shape.

tattoo on stomach

tattoo on stomach

Tatttoos on Collarbone

You may have never though that collarbones look sexy. Actually they do especially if you have got beautiful tattoo on collarbone. Most popular designs are power words, quotes, birds, dandelion, feather and stars.




tattoo on collarbone

Tattoos on Shoulder

The same popularity and impact has tattoo on shoulder. Both tiny and large tattoos will look gorgeous on shoulder.

tattoo on shoulder

tattoo on shoulder



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