Flowers tattooed on armpit

Flowers tattooed on the armpit are out of common and original.

  • Size: About 10 inches
  • Best: Thigh, hip, sleeves
  • Hours: About 6
  • Color: black and white

Tattoo meaning

Flower tattoo has always been one of the most wanted, especially by women. Flowers are popular designs, not least because they are known to have multiple symbols. Some of them: delicacy, charm, femininity, love or passion among many others.
The types of flowers that exist are endless. Rose tattoos are the most tattooed and classic, but there are also lavender, daisies, wildflowers and other types of flowers. In addition, we have different styles, techniques and ways to tattoo flowers.
Therefore, we advise that for delicate tattoos, it's best to use black and gray, with shadows made with a fine needle, to make it even more delicate. But there are also other techniques, such as pointillism, watercolor, realism and geometric design.