Women's sunflower tattoo with a lion

Tell me if this mixture of a lion and a sunflower isn't original?

  • Size: About 4 inches
  • Best: arms, legs, back
  • Hours: About 2/3
  • Color: in color
  • Pic source: tikliglobal.com

What does a lion tattoo mean?

The key word is: courage! Nothing better than a lion to represent adjectives such as strength, bravery, courage or fearlessness. Lions are and were also very represented in sculptures and paintings, both today and by our ancestors.

Women's sunflower tattoo with a bee

Original and simple tattoo of a bee and a sunflower.

  • Size: About 5 inches
  • Best: Leg, arm, hip, back, chest
  • Hours: About 3/4
  • Color: in color
  • Pic source: inkably.co.uk

What does a bee tattoo mean?

Bee tattoos are often associated with values such as loyalty, family and work. If we look at the mechanics of a beehive, this is what happens there: mutual help, sacrifice and the defense of the family.

A hip tattoo of a sunflower

Simple and very suitable for the hip or back.

  • Size: About 8 inches
  • Best: Hip, back
  • Hours: About 4/5
  • Color: in color
  • Pic source: tattoo-ideas.com

What does a hip tattoo mean?

A hip tattoo can vary a lot. It depends on the design and the symbolism assigned. Tattoos in this area of the body generally represent femininity, sensuality and also strength.

A beautiful colorful tattoo of a sunflower

Rich in color, size and beauty certainly...

  • Size: About 15 inches
  • Best: Side body, back, belly
  • Hours: About 15
  • Color: in color
  • Pic source: blog.tattoo2me.com

What does a sunflower tattoo symbolize?

It is originally from North America and its name means "flower of the sun". Popular wisdom says that it represents happiness. Its color can symbolize warmth, loyalty, enthusiasm and vitality, characteristics that reflect the positive energy that comes from the sun.
It can also symbolize spiritual faith, in order to have good luck!
The Hungarians say it represents fertility, while the Spanish believe it brings luck.
This tattoo, as you can see, can have many meanings associated with it.