2 different amazing tattoo options

Black and white or color, which one do you like more?

  • Size: About 6-9 inches
  • Best: Multiple body parts.
  • Hours: About 5-7
  • Color: black and white/Color
  • Credits: inkhappened.com

Tattoo meaning

What does a mirror tattoo symbolize?

Speaking of tattoos with a mirror without reflection, it symbolizes the spiritual search of a person who has not yet found himself. Mirrors with reflections, on the other hand, represent keeping alive the memory of a certain important moment in our lives or of a loved one who has died.
Finally, tattoos with a broken mirror usually mean that we have overcome a serious problem, such as a serious illness.

What does a tear tattoo from the eye mean?

Eyes are popularly known as “windows to the soul” and are widely used in tattoos because they have a deep and very particular meaning for each one of us.
Crying eyes like the one in the photograph could mean that we will remember a loved one forever. Spend time in prison, murder or simply death, could be the reasons why you have a tear in your eye.