Tattoo of a lion in pink flowers

The contrast of a black and white lion with pink flowers always looks good...

  • Size: About 15+ inches
  • Best: Back, leg
  • Hours: About 6
  • Color: Color / black and white
  • Pic source:

What does a lion tattoo mean?

Generally speaking, these are some characteristics of those who choose a lion: strength, leadership, royalty, loyalty to the family, independence and affection.
Already in the spiritual world this tattoo represents: being a guide, the boss, a father, the master or the king. A good example of "King" is the comparison with Christ, the Lion of Judah.
In Egypt there is the body of the Sphinx (which is a lion) and also with the Eye of Rah referring to divine protection.
In Hinduism, Narasimha is a lion-man who kills the demon Hiranyak√°shipu. This Lion representing a powerful creature whose mission is to overcome evil.
By mixing flowers with a lion we are adding beauty and grace to the tattoo.

Beautiful lion tattoo with flowers

Beautiful lion tattoo with flowers in shades of pink and blue on leg.

  • Size: About 8 inches
  • Best: Thigh, lower back, shoulders
  • Hours: About 5
  • Color: Color / black and white
  • Pic source:

Meaning of a lion and flowers in a tattoo

Flowers give beauty and grace and a lion gives courage, leadership, strength and bravery to the tattoo.
A perfect combination for self-assured women!