Big back tattoo

Great tattoo with a butterfly in the middle of the back. Amazing.

  • Size: About 15+ inches
  • Best: back
  • Hours: About 7
  • Color: black and white

What does a butterfly tattoo mean?

The butterfly is essentially the symbol of transformation.
The stages of this insect (caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly) respectively mean life, death and resurrection, that is, the Christian metamorphosis.
Among others, it symbolizes freedom, the spirit, life and death, reincarnation, progress, feminism, fragility, happiness, beauty, inconstancy, nature and renewal.
The butterfly is often tattooed by women on the feet, arms and back.

Upper back Yin Yang tattoo

Flowers are always a good addition to the yin yang symbol.

  • Size: About 4 inches
  • Best: Lower arm, neck, chest, upper back
  • Hours: About 4
  • Color: black and white

What does a yin yang symbolize?

Yin is associated with darkness, water, winter, low parts, quiet places like cemeteries or churches, and fragile and small objects. It can also represent hatred, sedentary lifestyle, opposition, envy, intolerance and difficulty.
Yang is associated with light, mountains, summer, heat, heights, noisy places like parties, concrete and large, massive objects. It can also represent love, initiative, help, admiration, friendship, creativity and tolerance.

Big geometric tattoo on back

Tattoo perfectly balanced with the back!

  • Size: About 15+ inches
  • Best: Back
  • Hours: About 20+
  • Color: black and white

What does geometric tattoo symbolize?

Many people get geometric tattoos because they have some personal meaning. Two examples: a circle can be associated with integrity, while a triangle can mean stability and balance.
As a general rule geometric tattoos represent symmetry, balance, stability, intelligence or mystery for example.

Big geometric tattoo with flowers.

A perfect fit on a woman's back

  • Size: About 15+ inches
  • Best: Back
  • Hours: About 8
  • Color: black and white

What do flowers and geometry tattoos mean?

It is related to the creation of life, time and all the mysteries of life. Sacred geometry has the power to offer protection, prosperity, good luck, health and enlightenment to the tattooed.