Women's geometric tattoo on wrist

One tattoo represents the sea and the other the mountain.

  • Size: About 3 inches
  • Best: multiple body parts
  • Hours: About 3
  • Color: black and white
  • Pic source: projaqk.com

What does a geometric tattoo symbolize?

Geometric tattoos are associated with balance, symmetry and also mystery. They can be abstract or a simple drawing with some meaning.

Beautiful dragon tattoo on wrist

A very detailed and beautiful dragon, don't you think?

What does a dragon tattoo symbolize?

In short, dragons are synonymous of strength, grace and intelligence. The symbolism behind these creatures can vary greatly from culture to culture. However, they always look good in a tattoo!

Beautiful flower tattoo on wrist

A simple yet elegant tattoo!

  • Size: About 1 inches
  • Best: Ankle, wrist, clavicle
  • Hours: About 1/2
  • Color: in color
  • Pic source: fashionisers.com

What does a flower tattoo symbolize?

Meanings are very multifaceted and variable. In ancient cultures, flowers were the symbol of God's contentment. Nowadays they are symbols of beauty and love!

Beautiful flower window tattoo

What will be the meaning behind this window?

  • Size: About 4 inches
  • Best: Lower arm, neck, wrist
  • Hours: About 3
  • Color: black and white

What does a window tattoo symbolize?

Windows are used in art to symbolize hope, openness, receptivity, change and daring to explore. They are a very popular symbol used not only in the world of tattoos but also in art.