A beautiful catrina tattoo on the shoulder

Simply perfect. Pretty on a woman's arm.

  • Size: About 8 inches
  • Best: Thigh, hip, sleeves, shoulder
  • Hours: About 7
  • Color: black and white

What does the catrina tattoo mean?

Catrina's tattoo dates back to Mexican culture, a celebration of indigenous origin celebrated on November 2 in honor of the dead with the name "Dia de los Muertos". The most tattooed is the face of a skeleton of an elegant woman.
It is associated with the cult of death. Catrina is the symbol of the finitude of life as opposed to the eternity of the spirit. A Catrina tattoo is a statement that we are aware that life is a short journey and at the end of the day, we are all the same.

A beautiful rose in black and white

One of the most beautiful and used tattoos by women!

  • Size: About 7 inches
  • Best: Thigh, lower back, shoulders
  • Hours: About 4
  • Color: black and white

What does a rose tattoo represent?

The most common meaning of a rose tattoo is the representation of beauty. Some believe that the rose represents inner as well as outer beauties. If it has thorns, it means that the person does not have great external beauty. Still others say that the thorns mean you can look but not touch.
The rose is also associated with love, such as eternal love or passion.
The color also has its meaning:
Pink – deep love, passion, concentration, intelligence or balance
Pink rose – grace, elegance and kindness
White rose – innocence, youth and purity
Orange rose – enthusiasm, excitement and fascination
Purple rose – charm and love at first sight
Blue rose – fascination
Yellow rose – family love, devotion and joy
Black rose – death and darkness