2 different women's snakes tattoos

So different but graceful, each in their own style.

  • Size: About 15+ inches
  • Best: Legs, back.
  • Hours: About 20+
  • Color: black and white/Color

What does snake tattoo symbolize?

Snakes symbolize courage, rebirth, strength, prudence and a good option for those with a strong adventurous spirit. Do not forget that the snake is also an animal of the Chinese zodiac. People born in the year of the snake are associated with wisdom and calm.
For Christians, the snake symbolizes evil. However, for other cultures, such as the Egyptians, the snake represents wisdom.

Women's snake original clavicle tattoo

Tell me... if this tattoo is original or not?

  • Size: About 2 inches
  • Best: Ankle, wrist, clavicle
  • Hours: About 1,5
  • Color: black and white

Tattoo meaning

Snake tattoos symbolize rebirth, courage, prudence or renewal for example. Do not forget to pay attention to what the snake represents in different cultures or religions. However, a snake tattoo is for those who like to give meaning to something or a remarkable event.

Double snake tattoo on woman's belly

Double symmetric snake tattoo on woman's belly. An option!

  • Size: About 12 inches
  • Best: Full sleeve, side body, back, belly
  • Hours: About 12
  • Color: black and white

Tattoo meaning

According to mysticism and some ancient beliefs, snakes are a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. They also have a reptilian connection to the power of healing and the medicinal arts.
Adventurous spirit, vitality and strength can also be a justification for getting a snake or serpent tattoo.