Simple flowers tattooed on throat

Throat all tattooed with simple flowers. One option!

  • Size: About 5 inches
  • Best: Multiple body parts.
  • Hours: About 4
  • Color: black and white

What do flowers symbolize?

There are many meanings for a flower tattoo. As a general rule, we can talk about beauty, joy or pleasure, just to mention a few. However each flower has its specific meaning.
Three examples of flowers so you can see the variety of meanings:
Lilies are associated with purity, innocence or respect.
The meaning of an orchid is love, sensuality or desire.
Daisies signify youth, affection or sensitivity.

A geometric tattoo around the neck

Simple, balanced, a timeless piece of clothing!

  • Size: About 9 inches
  • Best: Neck, throat, shoulders
  • Hours: About 7
  • Color: black and white
  • Pic source:

What does a geometric tattoo mean?

Geometric tattoos are very popular nowadays, especially in areas such as the forearm, ankle, back or even the fingers and many people get them without any obvious meaning.
For example, a circle like the one in the image can represent balance and perfection or also represent the eternal and the absolute. A circle is the circular movement of life and the universe with its endless cycles.