Women's chest wolf tattoo

Harmony between the chest and belly, in an incredible tattoo.

What does a wolf tattoo mean?

Wolves live in a pack, they are faithful and take care of each other as a family is supposed to and they are also very determined.
Therefore, the wolf tattoo indicates values such as respect for the family and determination. Some words that can describe well the reason why you want to tattoo a wolf:
Devotion, masculinity, bravery, cunning, ferocity, family, strength, loyalty, wisdom, power or independence.

Women's chest and belly boho tattoo

Harmony between the chest and belly, in an incredible tattoo.

  • Size: About 15+ inches
  • Best: Chest & belly
  • Hours: About 15+
  • Color: black and white
  • Pic source: digitalaltacalidad.com

What does boho tattoo mean?

The boho tattoo is a kind of protective talisman that represents the spiritual and mystical. All boho tattoos are rich in meaning for the person wearing them, such as freedom, art, beauty, happiness or love.

Flowers and geometry theme

Flowers in a rich geometric tattoo spanning the chest and shoulders. Adorable.

  • Size: About 8 inches
  • Best: Multiple body parts.
  • Hours: About 4
  • Color: black and white
  • Pic source: tattoo-ideas.com

What does geometry and flowers tattoo mean?

Flowers and geometry are associated with creation, time and all the unknowns and uncertainties of life. This geometry provides a blend of protection, health, prosperity, good luck and enlightenment with beauty, femininity and love to the tattooed.