Tattoo ideas for couples on arms

A great idea for couples, friends or family

  • Size: About 3-4 inches
  • Best: Ankle, calf, wrist, arm
  • Hours: About 2-3
  • Color: black and white, color

Interlaced fingers

Intertwined fingers means that both tattooed want to reinforce or make it clear, that there is a bond or a great love between them.

A phrase among flowers

Flowers and a phrase, a combination that always looks good!

  • Size: About 3-4 inches
  • Best: Ankle, calf, wrist, upper arm
  • Hours: About 2-3
  • Color: black and white

Do flowers go well with prases in a tattoo?

Yes, flowers are always a perfect background to embed that phrase we want tattooed.

2 Women's geometric tattoos on arm

A lion, a flower, a face...
All can be a geometric representation. That simple!

  • Size: About 6 inches
  • Best: Upper back, half-sleeves, arms
  • Hours: About 3-5
  • Color: black and white

What do geometric tattoos mean?

Objectively, they symbolize balance, symmetry, stability, as well as intelligence and mystery.

Women's feline eye tattoo on arm

Felines are, and always will be, one of the most popular tattoos...

  • Size: About 12 inches
  • Best: Full sleeve, arms, side body, back
  • Hours: About 10-14
  • Color: black and white

What do cat eyes mean in a tattoo?

With piercing eyes, cats are a symbol of wisdom, intellect and for many, a connection to the divine. It could also be because of the love we have for cats.

2 Women's big cats tattoo on arm

Both big cat tattoos, lion or tiger, both essentially represent strength!

  • Size: About 12 inches
  • Best: Full sleeve, arms, side body, back
  • Hours: About 10-14
  • Color: black and white

What do big cats tattoo mean?

In antiquity, cats were believed to protect us from evil spirits. Tattooing big cats represents rebirth, mystery and healing, or strength, bravery, independence and courage.

Simple and beautiful tattoo

Simple and beautiful tattoo on arm and forearm with a rose, also a little shoulder and hand. Delicate and discreet.

  • Size: About 14 inches
  • Best: Full sleeve, side body, back
  • Hours: About 20
  • Color: black and white
  • Pic source: Pinterest

What does rose tattoo mean?

The normal red rose tattoo represents love and passion. A rose symbolizes grace, gratitude and also affection, while purple roses are used to represent royalty and enchantment.
Flower tattoos, in general, symbolize beauty, femininity and love. They can have different meanings according to the type of flower, but even the color you choose to illustrate the design has a different message. Anyone thinking of getting a colorful flower tattoo can also research the meaning of each color. For example, white flowers are about innocence. The red flowers symbolize passion. Yellow flowers attract prosperity, while blue ones are a symbol of devotion! Pink flowers are a sign of renewal.

5 image ideas for your new tattoo!

5 beautiful tattoo options for next summer!

  • Size: About 15+ inches
  • Best: Arm, forearm
  • Hours: About 15+
  • Color: black and white
  • Pic source: Joom

Where should I start tattooing my arm sleeve?

If your goal is to tattoo a sleeve, the recommendation is to start with the shoulder. From there you go down the arm. Do some planning first and don't expect to do a full sleeve in a session or two.

Arm and forearm wind chime tattoo

A beautiful wind chime always looks good on the arm or forearm.

  • Size: About 6 inches
  • Best: Upper back, half-sleeves
  • Hours: About 5
  • Color: black and white

What does the dreamcatcher symbolize?

Those who choose to tattoo a beautiful dreamcatcher or a wind chimes seek protection, in order to cure and scare away the evils that surround them, having only good energy and good dreams around them.
Dreamcatcher tattoos or wind chimes provide both the tattoo artist and the tattooed with several design options. These tattoos can be designed with many symbols and varied elements. Most of these designs have feathers, beads, arrowheads, stones, crystals or jewelry that are used as decorations.

Beautiful flower tattoo on forearm

Flower tattoo covering the entire forearm.

  • Size: About 9 inches
  • Best: Thigh, hip, sleeves
  • Hours: About 10
  • Color: black and white
  • Pic source: Pinterest

What does a flower symbolize?

Overall, flowers represent vitality and youth.
Flower tattoo is suitable and interesting for people of all ages, genders and styles. There are no limits when it comes to this alternative, which can follow an infinite number of models: from the traditional and widely used rose to the fleur de lis, for example, in addition to being able to be complemented with many naturalistic elements or from other segments.
Very popular, versatile and fascinating: these are just a few definitions for flower tattoos. You've probably already seen many patterns, as there is a huge variety of flower styles. Adapting it to your personality is the most important thing, so it's essential to do a lot of research and think of something that has a great meaning and representation for you.

Flower tattoo on forearm and hand

Traditional tattoo of various types of flowers on forearm and hand.

  • Size: About 8 inches
  • Best: Thigh, hip, sleeves
  • Hours: About 7
  • Color: black and white

Tattoo meaning

The meaning of flower tattoos is essentially vitality and youth.
Beautiful, romantic, simple or exuberant, there is no shortage of qualities when it comes to tattooing flowers. They are always fine. They draw attention and highlight any part of the body. It is no coincidence that the flower tattoo has many incredible meanings, either generally or changeable according to color or species.